Current WIP


By Rebecca Lacko
Category: Middle Grade

Thirteen-year-old Carter Danforth wanted one thing, and one thing only: the guitar his father pawned when he left him and moved to Los Angeles seven years ago. Carter saved for years, but it wasn’t enough. He had to get the money some way, and he knew where to find it.

When a window of opportunity presented itself, Carter penned a quick song in the palm of his hand, Hour of Freedom, and stole away to Tommy’s Pawn Shop to buy it out of hawk. Springtime in Tulsa is wet season, and the weather’s a gamble. That afternoon Oklahoma was hit with an F5 tornado, trapping Carter in the blacked-out basement of a pawn shop. When he finally made it back to the surface, he found his home was destroyed. And where was his mom?

HOW I LEARNED TO PLAY GUITAR is an unexpected road trip across the American Southwest; Easy Rider meets the Wizard of Oz, with a contemporary setting. Carter isn’t a runaway, he’s a running-to, in search of the parent who left him. Along the way, he meets an unusual cast of characters who teach him–for better or worse–the necessary skills to master his instrument, and the meaning of family.

For more information, email me at RJLacko (at) gmail (dot) com.


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