6 EASY ways for readers to show love for favorite books

As writers, no one is more important, more beloved, than our readership. The hours we spend formulating story ideas, writing out plotlines, and planning deliciously memorable characters are all in effort to capture their imaginations–and keep them turning pages. In turn, readers often ask how they can help their favorite authors. speech_bubbles

Here are a few thoughts:

Book Reviews Count! The publishing industry has grown, sprouting new channels and possibilities for writers in every genre and category. Creativity is widespread and unbound. We readers are lucky. There is an abundance of great books on the market. That’s why it’s so important to post reviews of the books you enjoy–so other readers can find them. Simply go to your favorite bookseller’s website and post a review. You can even copy and paste the same review to other book sites, such as GoodReads, Shelfari, Barnes&Noble.com, or CBD.com. They may not all be perfect 5-star reviews, and that is fine.

Go social. Tweet about the book, Instagram it, Facebook it, create a meme, pin it to Pinterest, whatever your style. Hey, I don’t mind if your entire post is emoji. Your opinion and influence matters.  #love

Pass along the book to a friend. And ask them to pass it along when they’re done.

Buy the book as a gift for friends and family. Every purchase is important to an author.

Ask your local library or bookstore to carry the book. First check if they have the book (you can usually look it up online). And if they don’t, next time you’re at your library, personally request the book.

Just say it. Tell someone how much you liked a book you read. Word-of-mouth is the best way to help support an author!

What ways have you–or your readers–helped promote a favorite book? Chat with me on Twitter at @TheRJLacko, or comment below!



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3 responses to “6 EASY ways for readers to show love for favorite books

  1. Kevin Cyr

    This is great, Rebecca! I find word of mouth is the best. Telling friends and family about the book, and that they should get it.

    What are you some of your favorite books?
    Love you blog! You should consider posting more.

    • Thanks, Kevin! I appreciate your kind words, and have been posting more, thanks to you!
      Some of my fave authors are Haruki Murakami, Salman Rushdie, Judy Blume, Isabel Allende, Henry Miller, and Margaret Atwood:)
      How about you?

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